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Top reasons of Russian girls popularity

Best Russian dating apps and how to date there

No. 3. Mamba

No. 2. LovePlanet

No. 1. Brilic

How to set up a date with a Russian girl



Top reasons of Russian girls popularity

Russian women grew so popular at the end of 90s that western men were committed to visit despite the tickets cost, requirement of visa and other documents, and all the complicated process.

How to explain this phenomenon? What turned very busy, practical, indoor type of men to risky adventurers ready to accept a foreign stranger into their family and daily life?

Russian girls beauty was definitely the very first factor. After the USSR collapse, people still remained preserved in their traditional views and natural looks, women were highly feminine.

Although it took time for their minds to adapt to brighter and more open clothes, plastic surgery was considered rare and exotic, and there were no transgender folks in Russia.

Sounds like golden times for single straight men. Add to this Russian women’s modesty, good manners, mild attitude, cooking skills, strong family instincts, kindness, and you’ll get a full picture.meeting in Russia

But it would be dishonest not to mention the commercial part of Russian dating trend. The most business-minded country in the world, USA created this trend when realized the potential.

Among the owners of the first big Russian dating agencies, at least one person was American. Later on, foreigners continued to participate in creating new and new Eastern European dating agencies.

It’s understood, since the idea of Russian – American couple seemed absolutely perfect. It’s one of the examples when the primary concept was correct and positive, despite the side effects.

Western men, tired from local women’s greediness and boyish behaviour, plus Russian girls, tired of their drunk and abusive local guys. Westerners and Russian beauties were created for each other.

What could go wrong? A certain number of women appeared to be scammers, but that looked like western influence as well, because finding a good husband is normally a priority for Russian girls.

Both the history and their today life proved they can survive without fancy clothes or gourmet food, but they cannot without a stable and manly partner, first of all, in emotional regard.

That’s why the majority of stories are success stories. And they certainly inspire western men who didn’t take a chance yet and who’d like to try their luck in one of Russian cities.


Best Russian dating apps and how to date there

Today, Russian women used to the opportunity of getting married to a foreigner, and learned how to use dating apps on a daily basis, without any third sides and intermediaries.

It’s very convenient for western singles who keep on being fascinated by natural Russian beauty, and it’s definitely a new era of Russian dating now. So here is the top list of with a Russian girl

No. 3. Mamba

The popularity of this app is mostly explained by the ability to use it for free, and a huge database. Although some Russian women admit the low quality of male users registered there.

Mamba app is good for beginners who want to take a look at casual photos of Russian gals and make their first friends in Russia, plus it costs nothing. We recommend it as a training platform.

Chatting on Mamba is always fun since there are millions of pretty girls and many of them don’t mind to share private photos. Just some of them speak English quite poorly.

No. 2. LovePlanet

This application is much more appealing and effective, because it has more modern features and there is a bigger number of foreigners in the database, so you won’t look as an alien.

It can be used for free but it’s usually recommended to pay little amounts for such extra services as messaging non-favourites or temporary highlighting one’s profile.

Chatting on LovePlanet isn’t very intense since girls are focused on the real meeting, but it is pleasant and flirtatious. On this app and site, it is recommended to be decent and gallant.casual photos of Russian

No. 1. Brilic

Brilic app has already became a legend because it managed to grow popular for such a short period of time. It has everything previous two platforms don’t have, and it’s super cool.

Its trial period allows to make your opinion about the product and the quality of girls there. Aside from the trial, it isn’t free, which is good if you consider a long and thorough search.

It’s because even the least materialistic Russian women realize how costly the relationship on a distance is, and without a man’s financial abilities it will simply fail in no time.

Chatting on Brilic is the best thing one can experience, since girls join it with readiness to find a foreign partner. So they speak good English, and show a strong commitment to meet.

One can use Brilic for hookups and virtual sex as well, as reportedly, girls registered there are open-minded and have no boundaries in their search of a western boyfriend.


How to set up a date with a Russian girl

Lots of men are timid to suggest the real meeting, for many possible reasons. Here are some of those reasons, and if you recognize yourself, do not hesitate to get rid of your fears!

  • It’s more comfortable to chat under a younger picture than to meet a girl as you are.
  • Some men still fear a girl is after money only, so they can waste money for nothing.
  • Russia is far away, so laziness and daily duties win for months and even years.
  • Virtual sex with a model is encouraging, but the relationship is too challenging.
  • Others are afraid to fail exactly as lovers, since they have a low self-esteem.

We’re all humans with our own insecurities and habits we are stuck in, so it’s all understandable. But if we made the first step and joined the app, why not to remain brave.

For sure, the cases of failure when men spend a lot to travel across the oceans at their middle age, just for being mistreated in a cold and somewhat criminal country, are very saddening.

But just look at those who married all-natural Russian models who have a one million dollar look even in modest clothes, and who make perfect mothers and life companions.

Amazing photos of such couples are filling Facebook and Instagram, moreover, we often notice such a Russian wife or girlfriend doesn’t mind to work hard in the US like she did in Russia.

Just imagine how brave these people were to change their life drastically and make a difference inspiring for everyone. Don’t you want to improve your everyday reality as well?

On a humorous note, it looks like we’ll rather be suggested the new-age robotic wives in the US than start being treated nicely by American women. So Russian girls are a much better option!

It isn’t hard to organize a meeting in Russia once you found some courage within yourself. If a girl is ok to share her contacts and she continues to communicate smoothly, then it’s the right moment.

So ask her to help you with finding a cheaper flight, booking accommodations or choosing a reasonable hotel, compose a program together. Your trip shall bring you the brightest memories!


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