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Categories of Russian girls not suitable for hookups

How to select the best hookup material

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Categories of Russian girls not suitable for hookups

Some western men think they know everything about hookuping in Russia, even if they have never tried it. Just give a girl some money and gifts and she is yours, they claim.

Well, maybe it’s true in some Asian and Latin American countries, but definitely not in Russia. If you’re an intellectual type of a person, we’ll give you some food for the brain.

People who wrongly think things are so simple in Russia, are forgetting one factor, the mind-control in this country. Although it’s not correct to connect it with the communistic regime anymore.

It rather takes place in Belarus. While in Russia, it only affected the older generation but it’s absent now. Strict conservative parents do have an influence on their daughters, but not that much.hookups in Russia

If one wants an open-minded girl who’ll spend mind-blowing vacations with him, he must chose from the correct social circle. That’s why it’s crucial to always ask about her background.

To prevent westernization and adsorbing American culture, Russian government uses its own tricks. Particularly, it creates communities and mini-cults  and some Russian girls are a part of them.

  1. Anastasia cult. It is absolutely unknown to foreigners but it has been widely popular some years ago. Many young and not so young women still follow that fake cult.

It is focused on cultivating everything Russian: growing traditional Russian trees like cedar, wearing self-made clothes, consuming self-grown food, living in countryside.

If a Russian girl ever tells you anything about Vladimir Megre’s books or Anastasia community, be sure she’ll never sleep with you, and escape as soon as possible.

  1. Slavic Old Believers. There are many of them in Russia, especially out of Moscow since they prefer to live among nature. They actively practice pagan rituals.

They also tend to wear all-natural self-made clothes, eat their own organic food, and so on. Once a girl tells you anything about Old Slavic or Russian Vedic beliefs, run!

  1. Moscow Patriarchate. It’s the most aggressive Orthodox system of churches where people are taught to join the army, to obey to the government, and to hate sex.

In fact, many Russian girls attend Orthodox church yet do what they want. But if you learn she’s from a religious family with many children, be aware she won’t be yours.hookup Russian models

  1. Modern Protestant churches. Pentecostal and neo-Pentecostal churches such as charismatic, are starting to conquer Russia and occupy Russian people’s minds.

However, plus to their own propaganda, Russian governmental propaganda is always added extra. Particularly, pre-marital sex and sex with a foreigner are considered a sin.

These churches are extremely attractive for the youth thanks to their fascinating pop and rock music, bright show, ability to dance during the church service, and so on.

That’s why it’s highly possible nowadays that you’ll meet a woman who attends a charismatic church in Russia. Just be careful and learn her views in advance.

In fact, if you avoid these groups of people, you won’t fail in your pickup strategies. Girls are rarely brainwashed by anything or anyone as effectively as by these mind-controlling communities.


How to select the best hookup material

Let’s confess, many men are confident it’s enough to catch just any pretty girl who is up to having an affair. It’s ok to hookup with a drunk gal or pay for the low class escort services.

But no, it shouldn’t be an option for you. Even hookups should be qualitative, and experienced sex travellers know that. Especially hookups in Russia, a country of contrasts.

The quantity of affairs and one-night-stands will never leave such pleasant memories as their quality. It’s a fact. So at least, hookup Russian models and there are hundreds of them.hookuping in Russia

You’d be surprised but it’s rather easy. Very often, men aren’t even trying because they think models are unreachable. Well, it depends, and we’ll explain this below so read and learn.

Models in Russia can be divided into three categories:

  • Models who are already successful and well-known, doesn’t matter of which heritage
  • Models who are just beginners coming from wealthy families, the Bimbo type
  • Models who are just beginners coming from poorer families
  • Very smart girls from the middle class who are going to skyrocket in their career

The first type might be unreachable if you do not own a luxurious private jet or a model agency. But all other types are reachable, and normally open for casual relationships.

The last type, very smart girls are career builders and they’re suddenly perfect for hookups. It’s because they consider themselves too busy for long-term pre-marital projects.

The second and third type of girls should be treated differently, but success is equally possible. You surely understand rich teens are always potentially sugar babies.

They already have their parents’ money, but that is exactly why they don’t want to be limited by their partners’ stinginess or small budget. However, there is a way to trick them.

All Bimbos need, is a brilliant perspective, a bright illusion. If you’re convincing enough about Paris where you are going to travel nearest time with a girl you chose, she’ll try to please you.

Exactly for hookuping such girls, men rent prestigious hand watches and suits. When a Bimbo is impressed, she’s happy to share her time and her perfect, well-groomed body.

With girls models from poorer families, things are even easier. First of all, you’re weeding away the scammers. Russian women do not tend to be very tricky, so you’ll read them quickly.

The next step is courting them. Yes, even the easy virtue girls like being cared of. They’re quite naive, the farer from Moscow the more this quality is felt, so not many efforts are needed.

Just open the doors for them, carry their paper bags, hold their jacket, move their chair, and they will secretly start dreaming to get married with such a charming and gallant prince.

Provincial Russian models are like that. So very quickly, the right moment comes for a prince to seduce them and benefit from their juicy youth at the maximum. Catch this moment right!

How to make your sex unforgettable

Hookup experts highly advice to make love only to sober Russian girls. Why so? Because girls of this nationality are unique. They are extremely sensual, and emotional.

These qualities turn even the most elementary pickup process into pleasant seducing. And when a Russian girl feels to be seduced and desired, she gives back so much more.

Step by step, you’ll learn to play on their keen emotions like if it was the flute. It makes sex really unforgettable. They moan more, move more, take initiative more, and get open for experiments.

Knowing that, do not neglect their sensitive nature. Flatter them a bit, then scare them a bit, then excite them a lot, then scare them a bit again, learn to be provocative at every moment.

When you experience this at least once, you’ll never come back to a primitive day game. You’ll want this kaleidoscope of physical sensations again and again. Russian girls rock!

Apply this knowledge whenever you travel to Russia, and collect the sexual harvest with the most amazing models. You’ll soon see it’s a paradise for single western men ready to polish their art.

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