Eastern European women

Russian women’s physical traits, briefly

Eastern European women are always compared to American ones, as their complete opposites in all regards. Is it really so? Single western men are asking, and dating experts are answering.

The very first thing that interests guys, is surely the appearance aspect. Inexperienced daters and travellers wrongly think Russian girls are all blondes, and know how to play balalaika.

It’s surely a funny old stereotype. Yes, there are many natural blondes in Russia, despite the era of dying the hair and faking everything. But there are many other types of appearance too.

Sometimes people forget that Russia is a multi-national and multi-ethnic country, that includes even Tatarstan and Bashkortostan where citizens are mostly dark-haired and Muslim.single men go to Russia

Not talking about millions of Armenian people living on Russian territory and mixing with Russians for centuries. The same comes to Bulgarians who’re also dark-eyed and tanned.

On another hand, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Latvian people who used to mix with Russians for ages because of their common borders and similar culture, bring some blonde and pale-skinned genes.

Not to talk about Ukrainians who make a huge part of Russian population and who are traditionally black-browned and olive-skinned. A big choice for womanizers indeed!..

In any case, single men go to Russia not exactly for a blonde or a brunette, but for a highly feminine partner with great emotional and moral values, who would turn them on daily.

It’s very stunning and impressive indeed that all of Russian girls tend to stay slim and fit even without much exercising, they’re smiling, open-hearted, and love wearing high heels.

Oh, and many of them got big or medium breasts too, plus they prefer long hairstyle to short one. All that draws a parallel between them and western or Asian trannies, but they’re real women.

So here we have the final assumption why Russian girls are world famous: they keep the femininity as it is, without terrifying modifications or harmful ultra modern tendencies.


Russian girls as lovers

Sex tourism to Russia grew as popular as travelling with marital purposes. So what drives men crazy about cute Russian dolls? And would their expectations be met there?

It totally depends on your preferences. American women are certainly more open-minded and kinky in a bed than Russian ones. But these skills can be easily gained with your help.

On another hand, Russian lovers aren’t too technical and selfish in sex like American ones, they aren’t torturing a man convincing him to bring them multiple orgasms in a certain order.

Russian chicks adore being spontaneous and naturally wild, also they’re quite dedicated to their partner and determined to please him, even if not completely submissive.Russian girls as lovers

It concerns even casual partners so travelling to Russia for hookups makes sense. In a certain mood, like on Friday evenings for instance, they’re very horny and can make the first step.

However, Russian girls are rarely straightforward when they want sex, unless they are professional escorts or seek any other profit. They like being treated gallantly.

Another spicy detail is that they adore wearing sexy glamorous lingerie, on a daily basis. It always amazes western men who used to see this kind of underwear on prostitutes only.

It’s well-known that American women prefer sportive casual type of underwear or even go for its absence. But don’t be in hurry to judge Russian dolls, it’s just their cute rule to always be ready.

They are known for lifting their mood like that, also they are being suspicious that if to wear something nice underneath, they’ll meet a hot man and have a romantic date.

marrying a Russian woman

Russian dating budget vs American

Let’s not hide, many people are interested in a financial part of the courtship and relationship, first of all. Times are hard and we always need to be careful with our spending.

Well, although there are fraudulent personalities in any country, Russian women in general are much more modest even as wives, not talking about plain dating. And here is why.

  • They don’t know even Russian laws, so they rarely study their now-American rights.
  • They have shorter wish-lists and narrower horizons of life plans.
  • They used to look great even in second-hand clothes, with cheap grocery cosmetics.
  • They hope to visit their relatives once in a while so they save for the tickets.
  • They live healthily so they need less for medications and medical treatment.
  • They know how to raise babies even for small money, like everyone in Russia does.
  • Finally, they aren’t interested in losing a stable man, so there’s no loss due to divorce.

Of course, you get all this advantages only if you are careful in your choice and you try to avoid suspicious personalities with non-clear intentions and nearly criminal background.Russian dating

In general, dating and even marrying a Russian woman is considerably cheaper comparing to American brides. There are insinuations among western men based on following facts:

  • Even one round trip to Russia costs several thousand dollars, talking the tickets only.
  • Russia isn’t visa-free for some western countries, so add the visa and documents cost.
  • Dating on a distance usually demands frequent trips, at least once a season.
  • If all works well between you, you may apply for a Fiancee visa, which is expensive.
  • A girl’s adaptation in a man’s country can be long and costly: courses, a car, etc.
  • A girl should fly home at least once a year, otherwise she’ll get homesick. Tickets!
  • You surely provide a part of her clothes and living cost since she earns less in the US.

All this is true, but it sounds no more expensive as if one decided to adopt a purebred pet. It cannot be compared at all to all whims and evil money-wasting deeds of some western wives.

As a summary, Russian dating is quite budget-saving and can be recommended to any American, British, Canadian, or Australian man who decided to take a chance abroad.

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